Managed Pricing Program Overview

What is a Managed Pricing Program?

The Kluis Managed Pricing Program is designed to help farmers and producers manage the risk of lower grain prices. The program allows you to set the delivery date and location that works best for your farm. Let the Kluis team hedge your bushels and work for you!

How Do Farmers Benefit from a Managed Pricing Program?

In a changing marketplace, a managed pricing program can be a valuable marketing tool for farmers growing wheat, corn, or soybeans who are seeking opportunities to manage price risk and increase their cash grain revenue potential.

Key Benefits

Removes emotion from pricing decisions for a more objective market perspective

Program flexibility allows for a personal, customized approach to your grain marketing strategy

Enjoy the advantage of professional insight to help target the best futures price on behalf of the farmer

Farmers have full visibility into how the program is performing through transparent reporting

What Farmers Are Good Candidates for a Managed Pricing Program?

  • Farmers who want to hire a professional to manage risk on a part of their production
  • Farmers who want to diversify how they get their crops sold
  • Farmers who find marketing frustrating
  • Farmers who struggle pulling the trigger to get bushels sold

How Does the Kluis Managed Pricing Program Work?

A managed pricing program can work well within a farm marketing strategy. Hear Al Kluis describes how the Kluis Managed Pricing Program works.

  1. You can enroll bushels into the program (Up to 50% of expected production).
  2. Al Kluis & Cory Bratland from Kluis Commodity Advisors hedge those bushels by the program deadline date.
  3. Choose between fall delivery or summer delivery per crop year.
  4. Select a delivery location through Marketplace or select a “picked up on the farm bid”.
  5. The Kluis team will work to get the highest price possible on your hedges using a disciplined scale up selling plan.

What Makes the Kluis Managed
Pricing Program Different?

  • Seasoned Expertise + Leading Marketplace Access

    Pairing the Kluis team’s decades of disciplined market experience with access to the Indigo Marketplace, we put our expertise and technology to work for farmers to market their grain in the most efficient way possible. Meet our team.

  • Peace of Mind

    When you select a Managed Pricing Program from Kluis, your grain is traded by professional grain marketing advisors.

  • Transparency

    Working with the Kluis + Indigo Managed Pricing Program, farmers can expect to have full visibility through weekly reporting on price and percentage hedged.

  • Commitment Flexibility

    Farmers can enjoy the ability to enroll as few or as many bushels as needed with the elevator of their choice. Additionally, Kluis offers both conservative or aggressive pricing program options with a custom approach that caters to the special needs of the farmer.

  • Results

    Weekly updates showing percent sold and sale price.

Answers & Insight

Kluis Managed Pricing Program FAQs

Payment comes from Indigo. Typically, payments will be received about 5 days after Indigo get paid from the elevator/processor.

No, bushels will be under Indigo’s name since your grain contract is with Indigo. You will not get any freight incentive or patronage dividends as the grain is owned by Indigo.

Fees will be collected at time of settlement. The fees will be deducted right from you check so you do not have to pay Indigo or Kluis.

Through the use of Indigo Marketplace you have the ability to choose any of the elevators/processors that are actively buying grain from Indigo through their Marketplace.

You are protected through Re-Insurance. In the event the elevator/processor does not pay Indigo or if Indigo goes out of business then you will get paid through their re-insurance.

How Do I Enroll in the Kluis
Managed Pricing Program?

  1. Discuss this program with the other team members on your farm.
  2. Discuss this program with your lender.
  3. Decide how many bushels you want to enroll each crop year.
  4. Request program details here or call our office at 888.345.2855