Introducing the New Kluis NOW App

Exciting things are on their way! We’ve redesigned the Al Now! app (now called the Kluis NOW app) with a fresh new look and better overall experience. Keep reading for details on the changes and a peek at what’s coming!



New & Improved Menu


With the new re-design of the app, you will see a brand-new Side Menu. This change from the Bottom Menu will allow us to include more content for members to enjoy as well as allow you to focus on that content while keeping the menu just a tap away. You’ll still be able to quickly access any section of the app in this new menu by simply tapping the menu icon, or with a swipe gesture from the left-most part of the screen.



Reports – Your New Home


Welcome to your new Home Screen. Whenever you open or log into the app, you’ll land on the Kluis Reports screen where you will be able to see the latest AM & PM Updates, Weekend Report and access other resources on the website. Whenever there’s a new update, we’ll let you know.



Quotes & Targets


The Quotes & Targets section of the app will be your new home for your market info needs. You’ll be able to follow futures contracts so you can always see the price on the Quotes & Targets home screen. You will also be able to see our Friday High-Low-Close charts, Quotes charts and Price Targets.




Education & Events


The Education & Events Section will be where you can view our upcoming events, including webinars. You’ll also have access to the KCA Classroom, our repository of educational material, and the TV Room where you can watch all past webinars. There is also convenient access to the KluisU website!




The New Action Alerts


Action Alerts can now be accessed in the upper right corner of the app so it will still be easily accessible without being in the new Side Navigation. The action alerts themselves are now formatted in a new, digestible way so you can quickly scan these updates to get the information you need.




We’re excited about the new app and its features, which are designed to keep you informed on the go.

DOWNLOAD the Kluis NOW App from Apple iTunes or from Google Play.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please contact KCA at 1-888-345-2855 or email